Xander Schauffele’s cady: He was feeling a burden on his shoulders

Xander Schauffele wins 6th PGA TOUR at Travelers. However, enormous pressure was on him, and he knew he had to seize the opportunity that presented itself to him. Xander tried to stay patient.

“I think subconsciously, or without myself even really knowing, I was getting a little impatient,” Schauffele said, as quoted by pga tour. “And this week I was just trying to be as aware – self-aware as possible to just stay as patient as possible.”

His caddy, Austin Kaiser, was aware that Schauffele was becoming impatient, and motivated him before such an important match.

“He was kind of searching for some winning formula that we know doesn’t really exist,” Kaiser said. “People don’t remember his gold medal, which was only a year ago, because it doesn’t count for a TOUR win. There were a lot of overlooked victories. I said, ‘You’re not in a dry spell. You won events.’ Yes, Zurich is a team event, but he played well enough to win.

“It was just getting him to stay patient. Even today with this wind, it was about patience.”

Austin Kaiser on Schauffele’s victory

Kaiser also revealed the moment when Schauffele seemed to stop believing in himself, but he didn’t give up on him and continued to give him the wind in his back and show support. He is happy for Xander’s victory and what he did.

“It was probably around (The Genesis Invitational at) Riviera,” Kaiser said. “He was kind of stressing. ‘We need to play better. We need to get a win.’ You could tell he was feeling a burden on his shoulders, and I just told him, ‘Dude, you’re a summer soldier. You play so well in the summer.’ I’m like, ‘Just keep hitting it like you are. Everything is going to click.’”

“His putting clicked this week,” Kaiser said. “He played amazing.”