Wimbledon quarterfinalist Taylor Fritz weighs in on ATP’s sanction of Wimbledon

World No. 13. Taylor Fritz acknowledged he was definitely negatively affected by Wimbledon not rewarding any points but adds he felt the ATP did the right thing when they sanctioned The Championship by removing points from this year’s tournament. 

In April, Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian and Belarusian players. 

The following month, the ATP announced there would be no points rewarded to this year’s Wimbledon participant. 

Fritz, who reached his first Grand Slam quarterfinal, would have entered the top-10 had he been rewarded with points for his Wimbledon run. 

“If I had gotten the points from Wimbledon, I’d be top 10 right now,” Fritz told The Guardian. “It’d be huge for me but, bias aside, I have to say it sucks. I wish we all could have played. I wish there could’ve been points, but if certain players aren’t going to be allowed to play, then I don’t think it’s fair that there’s points.”

Fritz: The ATP did a fair thing

After Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian and Belarusian players, they found themselves on the receiving end of criticism as many felt that it was unfair to ban players from competing just because of their nationality. 

“I think it was fair that we took points away. I think it was unfair that those players weren’t able to just play representing no flag. [Russia’s invasion of Ukraine] has nothing to do with them. They shouldn’t have been banned from the tournament, but after that happens and you have all these players that don’t get the chance like everybody else does to compete for points, it wouldn’t be fair to collect points,” Fritz explained. 

In the Wimbledon quarterfinal, Fritz suffered a tight five-set loss to Rafael Nadal. 

Nadal was struggling with an abdominal injury but Fritz still fell short against the Spaniard. 

However, it was still a very positive run for Fritz, who will be hoping to enjoy another strong Grand Slam run at the US Open.