Victoria Azarenka: “My son wants to play for PSG”

Viktoria Azarenka qualified for the second round of the Australian Open 2023, and in the press conference, she talked about many topics, wearing the PSG jersey.

The Belarusian tennis player has often spoken out about her depression. Her 2-time Grand Slam champion in recent years has told of having suffered from this disease, which she brought to the point of thinking about retiring from tennis. A thought that did not materialize and which led the former world number one to come back to the Australian Open, where she won her two Grand Slam titles.

During the press conference that followed the first round of the Australian Open against Sofia Kenin, the Belarusian tennis player was asked a question concerning mental health: perfectionism and ambition for tennis players can also be their weak point. She was asked how this affected her career and if this was her mindset when she was younger.

Victoria Azarenka: “My son wants to play for PSG”

Vika explaine: “I think that’s a very good question. I’m not someone who looks back and says, I wish I had, because it’s a waste of energy. I have no regrets, because I can’t go back. I’m a very solution oriented person, I’m kind of a freak at that. If someone has a problem, I can give them 25 solutions, that’s my personality.

It seems to me that balancing your strength may be your biggest weakness, and once you push it to extreme levels, it becomes problematic. But I think it takes a lot of awareness. If I’d been younger, I probably wouldn’t have learned this. But at the same time, I think if anyone can learn from my experience, I’m very happy that it is.”

As in Adelaide, Azarenka also arrived at the press conference in Melbourne dressed in the Paris St Germain shirt: “Nobody understands that I’ve been their fan since 2011, when they bought Beckham.

My son wants to play for PSG, it’s her dream. Now I’m a fan mom and I love it. I love rooting for him and I’m not ashamed to yell in support of him, zero. I want him to do well and I want him to make his dreams come true.”