Victoria Azarenka felt Wimbledon responded to her with a ‘We do not care’

Belarusian tennis star Victoria Azarenka said she tried her best to offer solutions to Wimbledon, but they simply weren’t too interested in listening what she had to say and responded with the “I don’t care” attitude. 

In April, Wimbledon imposed player bans on Russian and Belarusian players. 

As a result, Azarenka and her fellow compatriots were stripped of a chance to compete at this year’s Wimbledon. 

Also, Azarenka thought Wimbledon “missed out” on a good chance to show that sports has the power to unite people. 

Azarenka: I was basically hit with a ‘We do not care’

“I’m on the Player Council, so I can’t completely cut myself off,” Azarenka told “I take that part of my job very seriously. I think what people missed here was a big opportunity to show how sports can unite. I think we missed that opportunity, but I hope we can still show it. How did I deal with it? I always try to find a solution that is beyond myself and what can be better because I love to help people. I love to find solutions from difficult situations. I think what was hard was the absolute ignorance and carelessness from the other parties. I think that was a tough part to digest, because you’re coming in with options, opportunities and your heart, and it’s met with basically a ‘We don’t care.’ But we all move on. It didn’t change my view and my perception when it comes to helping people, and it won’t. I don’t believe that part of me will ever go away, so we’ll just move on.”

As the reason for their decision, Wimbledon said they didn’t want the Russian or Belarusian regimes to use potential success of their players for their propaganda. 

Azarenka, a two-time Grand Slam champion, says she is against wars and any kind of violence. 

“I have repeatedly expressed my opinion firmly. I do not agree with the war, ever. I could never justify violence of any kind and against anyone. I hope that the WTA can do something to make the measure regarding our condition less harsh,” Azarenka underlined.