Tristan Schoolkate reveals how Novak Djokovic felt on court during practice

Tristan Schoolkate, 20, hit the practice court with Novak Djokovic on Wednesday and revealed the Serb felt pretty happy out on the court. 

On Monday, Djokovic won his appeal in court as the judge reinstated the visa of the world No. 1. 

“He seemed pretty happy. It was good fun to be out there on Rod Laver Arena, it’s the first time I’ve been out there so I enjoyed it,” Schoolkate told The West Australian.

“I think he was just happy to be out and about, and obviously he’s won the tournament a few times. So he’s happy to be out on court, on his home court you could almost say.

“I think he was just grateful to be out there in the sunlight and fresh air.

“He’s arguably the best player of all time, so to be on court and hitting with him was quite cool.”

Schoolkate had no problems practicing with Djokovic

Schoolkate, ranked at No. 620 in the world, is fully vaccinated but he had no problems practicing with an unvaccinated Djokovic. 

“Everyone does their own thing and makes their own decisions,” he said.

“I’ve got nothing to ask really. It didn’t really phase me.”

If Djokovic plays, he can definitely win the tournament, Schoolkate believes. 

“He seemed to be hitting the ball pretty good. I think he’ll have a pretty good chance of winning the tournament as long as he can play and all that goes ahead,” he said.

Schoolkate was thrilled after being given an opportunity to hit with some of the world’s best players. 

“It’s always nice to be on court with the best players in the world,” he said.

“You watch them on TV. I’ve watched matches where he’s played (Rafael) Nadal on that court… so to be on the court hitting with them is pretty cool.

“He was pretty encouraging and saying I was hitting it well, so I’ve got things to build on and hopefully I can get there one day.”