Tracy Austin: I know how Emma Raducanu feels right now

Former two-time Grand Slam champion Tracy Austin insists she knows how Emma Raducanu feels right now. 

Austin, a former world No. 1, can relate to Raducanu, who has been tipped by many to be the star of the game for many years to come.

Raducanu, 18, put up a stunning run at the US Open as she became the first qualifier in tennis history to win a Grand Slam. 

After the US Open, Raducanu split with coach Andrew Richardson, citing her desire to work with a more experienced coach.

“I just put myself in [Raducanu’s] shoes and I kind of know what it feels [like],” Austin said on a recent panel. “Everything just comes at you so quickly,

“She fired her coach. That’s not something I think that she should have changed quite yet because there’s too many changes already.”

Austin suggests Raducanu should hire back Richardson 

Raducanu still hadn’t decided on who will be her next coach and that decision is expected to come after the 2021 season ends. 

“I think the foundation is so important – your family, your agent,” Austin continued. “Max Einsenbud is her agent, he’s been through it with Maria Sharapova who won at 17 so I think that should be helpful.

“These top coaches, [Raducanu’s] dad said, are expensive. And yes they are, so I’d say go back to Andrew Richardson. I saw them at the US Open before each match, they seemed to have a nice camaraderie.

“She needs to have something that’s the same as that she had at the US Open because she’s stayed the same.

“She’s more confident, but everything around her has changed. So the parents they need to try to help her find that foundation again.

“Either go back to your old coach or really go for it and get someone who’s experienced.”