Tracy Austin: “Emma Raducanu made a serious mistake”

Young British player Emma Raducanu, winner of the last US Open 2021 starting from the qualifications, formalized the end of the partternship with her coach Andrew Richardson some days after the wins in Flushing Meadows. 

The British in New York traveled without a coach, but she had been followed by Richardson for some time and decided to separate to seek a more experienced coach. Former tennis player Tracy Austin, also won the US Open when she was very young, talked about Emma’s choice to the Tennis Channel, commenting on this surprising decision.

Here are her words: “I put myself in Emma’s shoes and in fact I already know how it feels. It all comes very quickly and suddenly everyone wants a part of you, they want your time and maybe sponsors and photo shoots.”

Tracy Austin: “Emma Raducanu made a serious mistake”

At the same time, Tracy did not appreciate Raducanu’s choice to change coach: “I don’t think she had to do that, in the end she is living a period where there are already many changes and I think at this moment the foundations that I believe are her family and agent never have to change.

I would tell her to go back to Andrew Richardson, I saw them together and for me they had a good relationship. It must not change and must remain as similar as possible to what we saw in New York. She remained the same as her but everything around her changed. So you need your family and your historic agent to try to have that experience that she, rightly, still lacks.”

The Us Open 2021 saw a sensational surprise in the women’s tournament where the 18-year-old British Emma Raducanu achieved a historical feat by winning the victory starting from the qualifiers and without losing a single set, historical numbers that have conquered the insiders.

Raducanu has literally shocked her country and has also obtained several sponsors after this unexpected success. Emma’s come baxck to the court was frenetic and the young player, perhaps shaken by the latest events, was clearly eliminated in the first round of Indian Wells.