Toni Nadal: “Tsonga had style, today there are only robots”

Toni Nadal, talking about the 37-year-old French tennis player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, who retired at the Roland Garros 2022, criticized the new generations of tennis players in an editorial published in the newspaper El Pais.

Toni explained: “With him goes a style that, I believe, will have completely disappeared in a few years. The tennis of the player who plays more with the heart than with the technique and who tends to involve the crowd more than the complete and perfect athletes of today.

Today there are only robots. What I would like to emphasize about him, without a doubt, is his powerful physique, the intensity he has always given to his game and, above all, that enormous fighting ability that he has shown and that has aroused the enthusiasm of his crowd.”

Toni Nadal: “Tsonga had style, today there are only robots”

He then added: “My nephew Rafael Nadal and I crossed paths with him in the children’s Tour, but I remember with a particular smile the first training session between the two, already in the pro Tour, at Wimbledon, in 2008. Already at that moment Rafael showed a fervor that prevented him from distinguishing a match from a practice, and Jo said he would never train with him again.

Of course, not only was it not like that, but we developed a close and very friendly relationship. In these days David Ferrer is also circulating in Paris, another of the greats who forced you not to blink at every intense point.

With them I realize that he is finishing a less precise, less perfect and much less complete style of tennis than the current one. But also, perhaps, the ability of these great fighters to move and unite the crowd.”

Tsonga’s farewell to tennis moved all fans of this wonderful sport. The Frenchman was unfortunately injured when he had the chance to take the match against eighth seeded Casper Ruud to the fifth set. Tsonga was greeted with great affection by the Court Philippe-Chatrier crowd and by all the people who contributed to his rise in the world of tennis.