Tiger Woods returns?: I may switch to the yellow ball

Many expect the return of Tiger Woods to the golf course in the near future. The favorite golfer is still in the process of recovering from the injury and the question is when he will return. Many are hoping that could happen soon, but Woods is patient and still not revealing much information regarding his recovery. Woods’ caddy Joe LaCava spoke to PGA Tour Sirius XM about the phone call from Tiger Woods during an important match.

“I did follow it [Couples’ round] on my phone, and I got a little excited because I got a text from my current boss, Tiger, who said, ‘Are you watching?’” said LaCava, as quoted by golfmagic.com 
“I knew exactly what he meant and I said, ‘Yeah, I’m watching the Giants get another victory.”
Tiger said, ‘No, you idiot, I’m talking about Fred,’” LaCava said.
“I said, ‘I know what you’re talking about.’”

Then Woods said something important:

“He says, ‘I may switch to the yellow ball the way this thing is rolling in the cup’.”

Woods even joked a little considering that he lost to Y.E Yang 13 years ago

“He said, ‘Thank gosh somebody else can beat Y.E. Yang, because I couldn’t.’”


Woods’ support in the recovery process is also his son Charlie. His children are aware of how difficult it is for Woods in these moments

 “I think the kids are starting to understand how much this game means to me, and some of the things I’ve done in the game; prior to comeback, they only knew that golf caused me a lot of pain….that’s basically all they remember,” Woods said, as quoted by People. “Luckily I’ve had the procedure where that’s no longer the case and I can do this again. So, you know, we’re creating new memories for them and it’s just very special.”