Tiger Woods ready to return for a epic match

It seems that more time has passed since that first edition in 2018 of the event called ‘The Match’. Tiger Woods against Phil Mickelson, face to face, and with 10 million dollars as a prize for the winner. A duel between the two most successful golf players of the last two decades, who had also had a rivalry, despite the fact that they came to this confrontation as friends. He won ‘Lefty’ in a show in the style of that unique 150-meter race called ‘The World’s Fastest Man Race’ that pitted Michael Johnson against Donovan Bailey. A very American format but one that entertained the whole world.

Tiger Woods, The Match

The seventh edition of ‘The Match’ will take place on December 10, and a duel in pairs will take place there, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy teaming up to face two good friends of theirs, Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth. The details have not yet been made official nor have the details been announced, although the confrontation will take place at Pelican Golf Club, in Belleair (Florida), and it will be 12 holes, since it will be played at night, under artificial light.

This will be Tiger’s third appearance in this competition, as he also appeared in the second episode, in which he teamed up with former quarterback Peyton Manning. That time the team formed by Mickelson and Tom Brady were measured and the first ones won. This will be the second time it has been done in 2022, as a battle of NFL stars took place on the golf course in June, with the veteran Brady-Rodgers pairing against the younger Allen-Mahomes.

One of the peculiarities is that everything golfers say can be heard and they are also obliged to place bets, the amount of which is later donated.

The Match is a series of exhibition golf challenge matches that began in 2018. The event features leading professional golfers or other prominent athletes facing each other in a head-to-head competition.