Tiger Woods’ former caddy about an anecdote with Woods that made many laugh

Steve Williams, Tiger Woods’ former caddy spoke on The Slam podcast by National Club Golfer. He recalled a situation from the tournament where Tiger Woods showed for the umpteenth time how talented and resourceful he is

“The [story] that got me — there’s that iconic shot that Tiger had on Glen Abbey, was it the 18th fairway bunker, to beat another Kiwi, Grant Waite,” Fox said, as quoted by golf.com 

“Some stupid distance with a 6-iron out of a fairway bunker over water. Makes birdie, wins by a shot. Steve said to me, ‘What no one realizes is that — Tiger shot 64 that day to win.’ They were driving down some highway in Canada the Saturday night. Someone is driving them. All of a sudden they’re on the highway and Tiger just goes, ‘Stop.’ “

Tiger Woods’ move

Tiger Woods surprised many with his move, including his caddy.

“Driver pulled over, Tiger gets out of the car, walks to the trunk of the car and grabs out a club. Starts swinging it on the side of the road.’ Steve’s sitting in the car — ‘I don’t know, it’s Tiger, what he’s doing’ — and he jumps back in the car after about five minutes. He goes, ‘Steve I’ve got it. We’re good tomorrow.’”

However, the great golfer knew what he was doing.

“Steve didn’t know what the problem was or whatever. Tiger found it on the side of I-95 in Canada or whatever it was. There’s just lots of cool stuff like that that shows how good Tiger really was.”

Such anecdotes are the reason why we can’t wait to see Tiger Woods again on the golf courses, and that will happen soon on “The Match”. An ideal chance to remember why we love golf so much, and why we miss Woods so much.