‘There’s gonna be no Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer…’, says ATP star

The first Masters 1000 of the season will start next Monday, the Miami Open, which managed to survive despite the pandemic situation in the United States and the postponement of its twin Indian Wells. The Florida tournament has had to deal with the numerous forfeits that have rained in recent days, among which those of Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem (in addition to Roger Federer) stand out. Both the Spaniard and the Austrian have chosen to avoid such a long journey, preferring to sharpen their weapons for the season on clay. In a press conference during the ATP 500 in Dubai, Andrey Rublev stressed that he intends to train as much as possible to go far at the Hard Rock Stadium. The Russian also added that he has practically no points to defend in the Masters 1000 in this 2021. In his statements, the young Muscovite also hinted at the possible absence of Novak Djokovic, but at the moment there is no news that suggests a renunciation of the number 1 in the world. Despite the abdominal injury he suffered at the Australian Open, Nole had recently confirmed his presence in Miami.

Rublev on his aspirations for the 2021 Miami Masters

“Of course. I want to be as much ready as I can for Miami, because as you said, there’s gonna be no Rafael Nadal, no Roger Federer and no Dominic Thiem. And in my case, all 1000s tournaments, I have no points there,” Andrey Rublev said. Andrey Rublev added that doing well at Miami was an opportunity too good to miss, and that he saw it as a ‘great challenge’ for himself. “So I can win a lot of points by winning a couple of matches, if I go farther I can win a lot of points. So, really great challenge for me,” Rublev added. The World No. 8 insisted that he was not someone who was prepared to compromise, and that he used fear to help himself improve. “Maybe it’s this kind of fear, that it’s not enough,” Rublev said. “The fear maybe I’m not gonna make it or fear that I’m not gonna be good enough for a while. In the end, the fear helps me to improve. So, that’s why I want to improve and improve.” Russian tennis star Andrey Rublev has opened up on his vastly improved service game, which, apart from his power-packed groundstrokes, has been the feature of his recent run of wins. Rublev said that he would earlier struggle to crank it up to 200 kmph but now regularly touches the 220 kmph mark without taking too much out of himself. “I was never serving even 200, now I am serving often 220, and this is amazing,” the Russian said. A piece of statistic that stood out in his win over Fucsovics on Thursday was that he recorded a healthy 76% of first serves to his opponent’s 57%.