‘There’s another side to Novak Djokovic, and it’s very…’, says former star

Novak Djokovic scored eight breaks and remained the most determined player on the court with 50 winners and 37 unforced errors. In addition, Djokovic pushed Nadal’s backhand to the limit and reduced the opponent’s forehand to carve out a massive lead in mid-range exchanges and take home victory after an epic battle. Nadal lost steam in crucial moments despite a great start, wasting his chances in the final stages of the second set and wasting a set point on the return at 6-5 in the third before losing the seventh consecutive tiebreaker against the 10. first rivals in Grand Slams. The Spaniard built a 5-0 lead in the first set and won it 6-3 despite some problems in the second half. Meanwhile, Novak found the blows from him and won the second set to get back in the fight. From 5-3 in the third set, Nadal rose again to 5-5 and created a set point in the twelfth game that could have been crucial. Novak saved him and took momentum before the tiebreaker that he won 7-4 to get a very big momentum. Rafa completely lost the ground in the fourth and suffered three breaks in a row to hit the starting gate and experience only the third Roland Garros loss, his second to Novak. “I was happy when I saw Rafa and Novak in the same half. Rafa has never lost in the Roland Garros final, and he played it 13 times. It’s a similar situation with Novak at the Australian Open. The match started similarly to last year, but Novak restarted his game at 0-5 and almost returned to set fully this time. So I knew immediately that it would be a different match,” said Goran Ivanisevic.

Djokovic has had a stunning season

Boris Becker recently spoke at length about his former ward Novak Djokovic, pointing out how the Serb is often portrayed as the “bad guy”. Becker claimed Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have never been subject to such scrutiny, which makes the treatment meted out to Djokovic “unfair”. “He (Novak Djokovic) publicly stood up for [Stefanos] Tsitsipas [in the toilet break row] after the semifinal against [Alexander] Zverev; he often stands up for other players,” Becker said. “That’s often swept under the rug and no one wants to perceive that in any way. There’s another side to him, and it’s very sympathetic. I hope for him and for his family that he’s finally treated a little more fairly than he has been until now.” Becker then heaped praise on Djokovic for his eloquent and thoughtful words during the presentation ceremony. The Serb, in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the spectators and stressed how he felt loved throughout the match. “With all the expectations on himself, he must have been asked every day since Wimbledon whether he would win the Grand Slam or become the record holder with 21 Majors,” Becker said. “It came over him, so to speak. His speech after the event was all the more remarkable.”