The new Roger Federer Pro shoes!

A few days ago all the eyes of tennis fans were concentrated in the ATP 250 tournament in Doha, a tournament that saw the come back to the court, after an absence of over a year from the circuit, of twenty times Grand Slam title champion Roger Federer.

The Swiss champion arrived in a new outfit, especially as regards the footwear with shoes created especially for him. The shoes in question are the Roger Pro, On’s first competition tennis shoes, shoes designed in Switzerland by Lab On and specially perfected by Roger.

To realize the design of this shoe, the technology of the On running shoes have been adapted to the needs of tennis enthusiasts, you need a technology necessary to adapt to lateral and rapid changes of direction at high speed.

The words of the co-founder of On

Olivier Bernhard, co-founder and head of innovation at On, explained the final details of these shoes: “With a lateral movement, a tennis player can load up to three times his own weight on the shoe. These high forces require extreme agility and strong stability .”

Regarding Roger Federer’s shoes, Bernhard clarified: “The shoes created by Roger Federer have a sole that leads to high density and excellent performance, they also have an internal structure that helps to keep the foot stable for its movements.

It also features Speedboard technology made from 100% carbon fiber that helps absorb impact and features improvements that can give Federer better response when changing direction.”

In addition, Bernhard, also a former professional tennis player, continued: “After so many years at the height of tennis and world sport Roger Federer knows exactly what it takes and how even a shoe can help during a tennis match, every little one. detail.cThis thing was fundamental for it to be used to produce this entire and particular project.”

Currently Federer is back in the pits and many are curious to know what the next tournament of the Swiss champion will be.