The French Tennis Federation punishes Corentin Moutet

The young French tennis player Corentin Moutet is recognized by everyone as one of the most talented tennis players on the transalpine scene, but at the same time also as one of the athletes with a more particular character.

On the court he often alternates big plays with irreverent and perhaps even provocative attitudes, which sometimes lead to exaggeration. This was the case of the Orleans Challenger, a situation which after weeks is still in the crosshairs of the news.

Moutet came to blows with the young Bulgarian tennis player Andreev with the two having been hardly separated. Yet another bad chapter in Moutet’s young career, an attitude that this time will pay dearly.

Today’s edition of the Equipe revealed that the French Tennis Federation has now officially decided to deny its support to the young transalpine athlete, guilty of an increasingly repeated situation.

Moutet pays an unsuitable attitude and for this reason the federation has decided that Corentin will not be part of the French federal structures for his behavior on the court. From this we can therefore deduce that Moutet will have to find himself a support for training.

Moutet’s is yet another polemical attitude that the circuit has faced by the athlete in recent times. The ATP has sanctioned both Moutet and Andreev with a fine of 10 thousand euros (plus an additional 5 thousand euros for the Frenchman), even a slight penalty given what happened. The French Federation, on the other hand, did not pass over and decided to kick out its athlete.

The latest on Corentin Moutet

In recent weeks there have been several situations that have seen Moutet as the protagonist. For example, the transalpine tennis player decided to withdraw from the Naples tournament due to the surface of the pitch and he did so with a hard outburst on social media:

“I would have liked to continue my match today, but the field was too dangerous for my adductor and to move forward. I apologize to the public. I tried my best but I didn’t want to continue playing on such a slippery court. I hope to be ready for next week.”

Currently the athlete is engaged in the ATP tournament in Paris-Bercy, he won the first round against Borna Coric and today he will face the British Cameron Norrie.