Taylor Fritz reveals what he learned by beating Rafael Nadal in Masters final

Taylor Fritz said by beating Rafael Nadal in a Masters final he proved to himself that he’s capable of going out and beating a top player on the big stage. 

Fritz, 24, upset Nadal in this year’s Indian Wells final 6-3 7-6 (5) to lift his first Masters title. 

Prior to the Indiian Wells final, Nadal had been undefeated in 2022. 

Fritz became the first player in 2022 to beat Nadal with his victory over the Spaniard in Indian Wells. 

“Yeah, I mean, I felt like the biggest takeaway from that match was just kind of mentally, I proved to myself that I could kind of get over that hurdle of one of the extremely big names. I’ve had a lot of big wins and I’ve played a lot of good matches, but never against Djokovic, Rafa, Federer. I think that’s kind of like a big mental hurdle to get over. I definitely, like, had it in my mind that I could win. Just kind of believing that and knowing that is a huge part of being able to beat any of those guys,” Fritz said, per Sportskeeda. 

Fritz was disappointed after losing to Nadal at Wimbledon

After beating Nadal for his first Masters title, Fritz was hoping to beat the Spaniard for his first Grand Slam semifinal at Wimbledon. 

Unfortunately for Fritz, he fell just short as Nadal won their Wimbledon quarterfinal match with a 3-6 7-5 3-6 7-5 7-6 (4). 

“Yeah, I think it helped me in the Wimbledon match. I was really excited for that match. I felt really confident about that match. It sucks it didn’t go my way in the end,” Fritz said. 

Fritz, the 13th-ranked player in the world, says staying healthy is the key for him as he believes he can finish the season ranked inside the top-10. 

“Like I said, I’ve had lots of struggles this year with kind of staying healthy. That’s kind of the biggest thing I’m trying to manage right now, is I want to be playing every week and playing every tournament. I feel like if I’m healthy and I’m playing every tournament, I’m not honestly too worried about it. I think the level is there. I think I’ll finish top eight,” Fritz added.

Fritz is playing at the Citi Open in Washington this week.