Sky Sports analyst Paul McGinley: There are so many scenarios that can play out

Greg Norman and LIV Golf have new plans they want to realize. Their goal is for the tournament to gain Official Golf World Rankings (OWGR) status. However, the question is how realistic this is, but whatever the scenario, the leaders of LIV Golf will not be upset.

“No, it would not destroy it,” Norman said. “It’s a very compelling application, we’ve worked very closely with the technical committee understanding all the components of what you need to do to apply for it.

“It’s going to be interesting, because on the board that votes on the OWGR points is Jay Monahan. It will be interesting to see how Monahan recuses himself from that vote because of what he said on television with Jim Nantz the other day.

“It’s really sad to be putting that additional exerting pressure on it because our Tour is a good tour, the support is getting an incredible field. If we get the OWGR points everything else takes care of itself.”

Paul McGinley on the issue

Sky Sports analyst Paul McGinley has revealed his opinion on the matter, and believes many scenarios are possible in the end. We will se..

“What is clear at the moment, with LIV Golf being 54-hole events and not offering any world ranking points, is that the guys who are top-50 in the world are slowly going to lose their ranking and fall outside the top 50 and that’s what gets most of these big names in the Majors.”- he said, as quoted by golfmonthly.

“The only guys who will probably be eligible by the time next year comes around at the Masters in April could well be past champions, under the current criteria, because the others may all have fallen out of the top 50. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen, as there are so many things and scenarios that can play out.”