Simona Halep reveals what Patrick Mouratoglou brought to her team

Two-time Grand Slam champion Simona Halep says she has the full confidence in coach Patrick Mouratoglou. 

Halep, 30, was contemplating to quit tennis last season and also had retirement thoughts at the start of this season. 

Since hiring Mouratoglou, Halep appears to have rediscovered her flame for the game as she is determined to get back to winning Grand Slams. 

Mouratoglou’s energy is positively impacting Team Halep and the Romanian absolutely enjoys being around her coach. 

“Everything is Mouratoglou now,” Halep said, per Sportskeeda. “The team, it’s 100% him. Everything that it’s going around me, it’s about his academy and his-self. I made this change because I really felt to do it. I thought I will be done with tennis at 30. But now I started something nice and something new. Everything is completely new. So I will enjoy. Actually I’m enjoying already. I will see how good I can be in the future.”

Halep: Meeting Mouratoglou the best thing that could happen 

Mouratoglou is one of the most respected coaches on the WTA Tour and it didn’t take long for him to make Halep feel comfortable around him. 

“Yeah, I trusted him from first second,” Halep admitted. “I didn’t know anything about him before, like we didn’t meet, we didn’t talk before I went to his academy in April. So, yeah, everything is new. But I trusted him. I feel safe. We will see.”

Under the guidance of ex-coach Darren Cahill, Halep won two Grand Slams and reached the top spot. 

When asked to do a comparison between Cahill and Mouratoglou, Halep refused to do so. 

“First of all, Darren left me in September last year, so I didn’t leave him. Secondly, I will not compare because they are super different,” Halep said. “What I can say in this moment it’s the best thing that could happen to me, to meet Patrick. He has super energy. He’s super kind. So it means a lot for me to work with people like this.”

Meanwhile, Halep is playing at this week’s Citi Open in Washington.