Simona Halep: hiring Serena Williams’ super coach is “best thing that could happen”

Although she split with Darren Cahill beforehand, Simona Halep believes she made the perfect move when she decided to hire Serena Williams’ former coach Patrick Mouratoglou.

“First of all, Darren left me last September, so I didn’t leave him, to be clear. Second, I’m not going to compare, because they’re super different. What I can say at this point is that best thing that could happen to me is to meet Patrick. He’s got super energy. He’s super kind. So, it means a lot to me to work with people like that,” said Halep as quoted by Eurosport Romania.

How did Halep hire Mouratoglou

Former world No. 1 Simona Halep believes she can achieve even greater success in the game, which is why she signed coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Halep, a two-time Grand Slam winner, hasn’t won a Grand Slam since Wimbledon in 2019.

“I asked to work with Patrick because I really want to get back to the top, and I felt like he’s the best person to help me to do that. I was lucky that he was actually available to do it with me. I want to get back to the top, and of course, I’m dreaming of another Grand Slam because that’s why I’m working every day,” Halep exclusively told Tennis Majors.

“I want to take the ball earlier. I want to open the court much better than I did before. I don’t say that I had a bad game before but I want to make it stronger,” Halep revealed.

“I would like to get stronger in the body as well, because to be offensive and to be close to the baseline, to play with the big hitters is not easy. So you have to be strong on the body. I will work on that, but also to open the court to use some angles a little bit better than before and actually to take the ball early. So that’s the goal in in our vision”.