Simona Halep gives her thoughts on Australian Open protocols

Former world No. 1 Simona Halep absolutely loves the decision the Australian Open organizers made. 

Unvaccinated players will be allowed to compete at the Australian Open but they will have to complete two weeks of hard quarantine and they won’t enjoy the benefits that vaccinated players will enjoy. 

“Best news, what they said, great news. I am pro-vaccine…I think players should do it, if they want, of course…it’s much easier if you are vaccinated now because you don’t have those tough restrictions…14 days hard quarantine,” Halep said, per Tennis Majors. 

The WTA sent a letter to its players and the email was leaked to The New York Times.

“We feel the need to reach out to you all to clear up false and misleading information that has recently been spread by other parties about the conditions the players will be forced to endure at next year’s Australian Open,” the statement read.

“Because Victoria’s vaccination rate will hit 80 per cent at the end of the week and 90 per cent next month, it has been confirmed that conditions for players at the Australian Open will improve significantly.”

A vaccinated Halep will escape two weeks of hard quarantine 

“(Players) can arrive any time after December 1st, but will be subject to two weeks hard quarantine,” the email read.

“(Players) must have a negative test within 72 hours of departure, are required to go through mandatory hotel quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, (and) must submit to regular testing.”

The statement also made it clear that everything will be easier for vaccinated players. 

“The conditions for fully vaccinated players are that they can arrive any time after December 1st, must have a negative test within 72 hours of departure, (and) must test within 24 hours of arrival,” the statement said.

“(Players) are not required to quarantine or stay in a bubble, will have no ongoing restrictions imposed on them, (and) will have complete freedom of movement.”