Shintaro Mochizuki: Roger Federer is my idol, he is a nice and fun guy off the court

2019 Wimbledon boys’ singles champion Shintaro Mochizuki reveals he has always been looking up to Roger Federer. 

Mochizuki, 18, is currently enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 391 as he is hoping to have a good career on the Tour following a successful junior career. 

Mochizuki had a chance to train with Federer at the Nitto ATP Finals and that’s when he realized that the Swiss was also a great person off the court.

“I’ve been looking up to Federer since my childhood and I still like him very much, I want to be like him. He is kind of unreadable, disguises his feelings on the court, I think that should trouble his opponent,” Mochizuki said of Federer, per Seidoumogera/Twitter.

“I hit with him several times at ATP Finals, he is a nice guy off the court, a fun person, that’s nice.”

Felix Auger-Aliassime also spoke highly of Federer 

Federer, 40, and 35-year-old Rafael Nadal are out for the season but Auger-Aliassime believes those two will be hard to beat when they return.  

“It was going to come eventually. A change in generation. Novak is still number one, and Roger and Rafa we will see how they come back,” Auger-Aliassime said recently. 

“But they have done it so many times in the past in their careers. They are going to be tough to beat for as long as they play.

“Having tournaments like this where the average age of the top eight seeded players is 23, you know that it is going to be highly competitive.

“But as a young player, you try and establish yourself with those top players who will dominate or win the big titles in the year to come.

“For me, the challenge is big, but at the same time the motivation is big as well to try to play well to end the season and put myself with those best players in the world.”