Seyboth Wild under investigation for violence against his former wife

Big trouble for the young Brazilian tennis talent Thiago Seyboth Wild. The 21-year-old has long been considered one of the most interesting South American tennis players, but for about a year the athlete has been discussing more about what he accomplishes off the court, the latest accusations from his former-wife are terrible.

The influencer Thayane Lima accused the man of physical and psychological violence and released heavy accusations to the microphones of the South American portal Universo Online (UOL).

Here are his statements: “I didn’t even notice it initially, but Thiago brought me to change everything. I couldn’t go to the beach and wear a bikini, he didn’t like that I didn’t cut my nails and he asked me to do it repeatedly. He wanted to make me change my political ideas and accent, he wanted to change me totally and he said it shamelessly.”

After these accusations it seems that the sponsors have already taken more information and are ready to take action against the tennis player. At the moment, neither Thiago Wild nor his lawyers want to talk about this situation.

Charges also for physical violence against women

The couple recently broke up after Thayane discovered several betrayals of the man and continuing with his interview the influencer also spoke of Seyboth Wild’s physical accusations: “One day he hurt my finger and almost crushed it. risking breaking it and this only because I posted a photo on social media without him.
We were having dinner with his parents and he hurt me very badly, he insulted me several times in the room and pulled my hair, he was out traveling and I could not leave my room, I left the church and the academy where I was going because of what he told me “

Thayane’s lawyer ordered precautionary measures against the tennis player and a lawsuit to compensate the woman for moral and material damages as Thayane explained that in a short time she became totally dependent on Thiago, also economically.