Serena Williams reflects on her business journey at Black Tech Week

Serena Williams admits there were some bad investsments on her side but adds it was all a part of a learning process for her. 

This week, Williams attended the Black Tech Week in Cincinnati. 

Through Serena Ventures, Williams has been providing starting funds for women and people of color who are starting their bussinesses. 

“Little by little, I would start investing in one company, and one company, and I made a bad investment here or there,” Williams said.

After hearing about the fact that only 2 percent of the funding goes to women and people of color, Williams wanted to ignite positive changes.

“I think the only way to change that is to have people that look like me, that look like you guys to be writing the big checks. That’s when I said I want to start Serena Ventures and expand the angel portfolio, because that number I can’t compute,” Williams stated.

Williams on sharing her story 

“It’s really important for me to share my story because you never know you might hear one word that’s like ‘I’ve experienced that’ or ‘I know what you’re talking about’, and that can get you over the hump,” Williams added. 

Manwhile, Williams is set to compete at the National Bank Open in Toronto, which takes place between August 08-14. 

This week, the Toronto organizers also confirmed Venus Williams as a participant at this year’s tournament.

“We are thrilled to have both Venus and Serena playing the National Bank Open presented by Rogers this year,” Toronto Tournament Director Karl Hale said in a statement. “They have meant a great deal to our sport and having them at a tournament really puts a spark in everyone from the fans, tournament staff, and even the other players. They’re two of the greatest players in history and we look forward to hosting them in Toronto.”

After returning to action at Wimbledon, WIlliams is now set to compete in Toronto, Cincinnati, as well as the US Open.