Serena Williams: “I’ll be back on the court directly to Wimbledon”

Serena Williams was eliminated in the fourth round of Roland Garros 2021 by Elena Rybakina for 6-3 7-5, showing a little mobile tennis and, surprisingly, with many problems in the service.

Serena, in the press conference, talked about the match and also about when she will come back on the court. She said: “Was it the last match I played in Paris? It’s not something I’m thinking about, of all the things I have in mind this one definitely isn’t. I’ve played some good games here in Paris. happy to be able to win a few matches on this surface, I feel much better now than when I came here, because before this tournament I was trying to win a match.

Elena Rybakina? It was certainly a balanced match, one in which one or two points could have changed the course of things, but I didn’t bring them home. If I could go back I would play better and with more intensity, it’s simple. I hate living with regrets, though.

Now I’m happy to go on grass-court, it’s a surface where I have historically done well. In the past I did well on clay too, this year it just wasn’t like that. However, I don’t think I’m playing a prep tournament at Wimbledon. I’ll take a few days, go home and then get ready for London. I need to quarantine, so I’ll have to move pretty fast.”

Serena Williams’ match against Rybakina

Serena Williams was eliminated in the fourth round of Roland Garros 2021, by Elena Rybakina, thus putting an end, for now, to the dream / nightmare called 24th Slam. And this despite her side-draw was completely open, she wasted a colossal opportunity. But Serena seemed completely out of shape, out of phase, with the service completely blacked out.

The Kazakh, on the other hand, thanks to the very strong contribution of the serve and above all to a more solid tactical plan from the baseline, simplistically wins the most important points. Even if she doesn’t immediately take advantage of a break advantage in the heart of the first set.

Rybakina, in a decidedly more complicated second set, breaks the balance at 4-5 with a 12-2 run and seals one of her most prestigious career victories at 6-3 7-5. Waiting for her will be Anastasia Pavlyuchenova, who instead recovers a set of disadvantage to Viktoria Azarenka. After an initial unsuccessful passage, the Russian tennis player confirms the state of grace after the semifinal reached in Madrid and returns to the top 8 on Bois de Boulogne after ten years.