Serena Williams’ daughter tries to make her father beautiful, Ohanian reacts

As people hanging around Alexis Ohanian were, per his sayings, bugging him about his hair, Serena Williams’ husband has found a new stylist under the roof of his own home and that is no one else but Olympia, his daughter. The co-founder of Reddit shared a video showing Olympia brushing his hair on Instagram on Monday.

In the video, Alexis Ohanian can be seen asking Olympia: “What are you doing? Are you going to make me beautiful?” The response of Serena Williams’ daughter was as hilarious as Alexis’ question: “Maybe,” said Olympia.





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“Y’all kept bugging me about my hair, so I finally got a new stylist. Notice how Olympia Ohanian didn’t answer my question?? ‘MAYBE’,” Ohanian captioned the Instagram video.