Scottie Scheffler: I feel like I’m kind of an under-the-radar person

Scottie Scheffler, though No. 1, doesn’t seem to attract as much attention as other golfers. Whether it’s a matter of his character or something else, we don’t know, but it still means that Scheffler is a great person who doesn’t want controversy.

“Yeah, I feel like I’m kind of an under-the-radar person,” Scheffler said for skysports. “I don’t really feel like there’s much chatter going around with me.

“Rory won [the Canadian Open] last week, Tiger was at the PGA.

“I’ve been number one in the world for a while now, and it doesn’t really feel like it, so I kind of like just being under the radar. I can show up and do my thing and then go home and rest.”- Scheffler said.

Sam Burns and Scottie Scheffler share a house during the tournament.

“I am a little upset he’s beaten me by one,” Burns said. “But yeah, it’s cool to see him playing well.

“Obviously he’s had a fantastic year, and it’s kind of motivated me to try to play a little bit better and try to keep up with him.”

Sam Burns on Scottie Scheffler

Burns also revealed what he wants to learn from Scheffler.

“He’s really good at everything, but a little bit around the greens.

“I think trying to learn how he hits different shots and kind of how he approaches those shots. I’ve tried to learn from him on those.”

Scheffler will find himself in the final and wants to continue with a good form.

“I just stayed really patient,” Scheffler said. “Two silly bogeys early in the round, but outside of that I hit it really good. I was in position most of the day.

“If a few more putts would have fallen in, it would have been a really special day. But three under was a good score for me.”