Scott Hend against Rory McIlroy’s statement

The Scott Hend bombs Attention, they are not the bombs you think. Scott Hend, Australian, has been a pro since 1997, and has played on virtually every major tour in the world since then.

He is known for being a long shot, but this time his bombs didn’t go off the tee.

Let’s take a step back.

Yesterday afternoon Rory McIlroy reaffirmed himself as champion with an imperious back to back at the RBC Canadian Open.

In the ritual interviews after the race, talking with Amanda Ballonis, he let himself go to a dig:

“This is a day that I will remember for a long, long time”

“My 21st PGA Tour Win”

“One more than someone else“.

Now, someone else is Greg Norman, clearly called into question in his capacity as CEO of LIV Golf Investments.

Of course, the phrase immediately took off on social media, provoking opposite reactions.

Among the first, the first Scott Hend bomb arrived.

I state that the Australian did not join the Saudi League run by his compatriot.

Scott Hend, statements

His comment, arrived in response to a tweet from the Bros and Birdies Podcast account, leaves no room for interpretation:

“As the first event (that of LIV Golf, NDR), I was impressed, how could it be otherwise … about Rory’s comments, I honestly thought it was above this kind of nonsense.”

Toccata pianissimo.

And shortly after he dropped the second bomb.

Also on Twitter, he replied to Byeong Hun An, who had commented on his first response, defending McIlroy in several respects and highlighting the fact that, although his earnings on the Tour are high, he has given up very important sums (by not accepting offers by Norman).

“Come on Ben… Rory is making a lot of money through sponsors for being on the PGA Tour… he’s the Tour Poster Boy… Please don’t make me hear this nonsense.”

Do you remember when I said that he is sliding towards the free for all?

Here you are.