Ryder Cup 2023, endless construction sites

Endless construction sites of via Tiburtina worry Federgolf in view of the arrival of the Ryder Cup in Rome in September 2023. For those who do not know it yet, the Ryder Cup in golf is the third most important sporting event in the media after the Olympics and the final of the World Cup . An event where the capital and Italy cannot make a bad impression.

The concern is explained by Gian Paolo Montali, who spoke during the extraordinary Capitoline Assembly dedicated to the problems connected with the great event.

Ryder Cup, problems

As reported by the AskaNews news agency, the general manager of Federgolf recalled that “280 thousand people will arrive in Rome. They will stay in the center and will have to arrive at the golf courses in via Marco Simone ”.

The concern “that we initially had – explained Montali – turned into a big reality when we called a Swiss company. Their experts monitored all the roads leading to the camp for three months from 5 in the morning to 9 in the evening. We would have risked a world flop in front of 800 million homes in the world attending the Ryder Cup ”. The intervention of the government “which allocated 50 million euros, and the intervention of the Region and Astral, with the stimulus of the Municipality of Rome – underlined Montali – have restarted the work. The risk is that the sections are not completed and not even the players arrive at the fields. My concern, as a sportsman, is that this is a project of the country of Italy. A 160 million euro business plan project, sixty of which come from the government ”.

The Tiburtina will be strategic very soon. In fact, in September 2022 and May 2023, Montali added, “the Italian Open will be played on that field, very important events. We must ensure that in those short periods there are no traffic and construction problems ”.

Via Tiburtina Valeria was a Roman consular road, which in a first phase connected ancient Rome to Tibur (Tivoli) [1] and then was extended to the Adriatic Sea ending in Aternum (Pescara). The route is now followed by the modern state road 5 Via Tiburtina Valeria.