‘Roger Federer utilizes the sport and his popularity to…’, says Top 10

It is not normal for a world number one to get used to losing. After having reached the top of the ATP, in recent years Andy Murray has experienced a series of sensations that for now his teammates of the “Fantastic 4” have been very far away. The current number 172 of the men’s classification spoke about the importance of positive results, not only in the emotional or trust aspect, but also in the economic one. “Sport is a business where results rule. If you play good or bad it doesn’t matter if what you get is a loss. You have to win games in any way, it doesn’t matter if you do it playing well or badly, you simply have to have the victory in your head. I have won matches in these last months in this way, although not as many as I would have liked. That is what I want and need in this final stretch of the season, “said the 34-year-old. “I think sometimes I am very unsound in the most important moments of a match and I need to find the right balance in situations like that. For example, I feel like I play a lot more on the net and I don’t always succeed in situations like that. Obviously there are some things that I have changed in my tennis that have worked very well, but there are others that I need to continue improving if I want to look like the Murray of years ago,” added the double Olympic champion. Swiss maestro Roger Federer has been the face of tennis for almost two decades now. Undoubtedly, his charisma on the court, and his warm and friendly personality off the court has boosted the sport to newer heights. That is why Italian Matteo Berrettini believes that he is the best ambassador of the sport among the active players.

Federer has been the face of tennis for almost two decades

20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer is one of the most recognized global sports icons in the world. However, that isn’t something that makes him Matteo Berrettini‘s ideal candidate for tennis spokesperson. Instead, it is his off-the-camera contributions to the sport that impress the Italian the most. Hence, when asked who is the best ambassador of the sport, Berrettini naturally responded the name of his childhood idol. Here’s what he said. “Roger. I admire the example he sets, and the time he gives to the sport off the court and away from the cameras,” Berrettini told John Russo of Gio. “I feel he understands that he has the power to have a much more significant impact on the world in general. Whether it is his charity work or sitting on the ATP player council for so many years, he utilizes the sport and his popularity to impact as many lives as he can positively.”