Roger Federer: ‘I would somehow like to press the repeat button and…’

Roger Federer made his absence official a few days ago at the Cincinnati Masters 1000 and in the next few days he will make the official decision regarding the US Open. For two years now, the Swiss champion has been struggling with constant knee problems and we have seen him on the court less and less often. The Swiss tennis player along with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal holds the record for Grand Slam titles with 20 Slams to his credit and a unique feeling for the Big Three. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, Roger Federer spoke in an interview telling himself to the microphones of Schweizer Illustrierte, many anecdotes and curiosities and much about his future and what he will want to do after retirement. At this age, we have to start asking ourselves what will be the last tournament, what will be the last match of his career in which the Swiss champion will play on a tennis court. Here are the statements of the Swiss tennis player: “My plans after retirement? Well, to tell the truth I have many. I have seen and lived a lot with tennis, but now I want to do a lot of things in post-retirement. I would like to go see the Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo, watch the NBA and NFL finals live, have various experiences without having to think about my training. I also want to see many natural parks and I will certainly see them with Mirka and my children. I would like to learn to play the saxophone and start skiing, this was a passion of mine that I ended at 12 years old. I would also like to try snowboarding and diving. What are the things I am most proud of?”

Roger Federer on his birthday celebrations

Roger Federer was recently interviewed by Schweizer Illustrierte on the occasion of his 40th birthday. The Swiss spoke at length on a host of topics, including his birthday celebrations and his post-retirement plans. “Oh, there may be more than you might think,” Federer said. “Of course, I have experienced a lot through tennis, seen a lot. But now I would somehow like to press the repeat button and experience everything again without the stress, without all the obligations of a player. Take a close look at the flowers of the Japanese cherry trees in Tokyo, be part of the big season finals of NBA, NHL or NFL, without always having to ask me, is the long flight in it, does this fit into my training plans? These will be completely new experiences,” he added. “Discover beautiful parks all over the world with the children – Mirka and I have longed for this for a long time. And that’s really close now.”