Roger Federer: “I advise del Potro to carefully consider the return date”

Recently Juan Martin Del Potro, struggling with yet another physical problem of his unfortunate career, had declared that he was nourishing himself with the strength of spirit of Roger Federer, who returned to play after almost a year of stoppage, to also return to the Tour, determined to compete at its levels, which in the past have made millions of Argentines and as many fans all over the world dream.

The response of Roger was not long in coming, whose relationship of esteem and friendship with the Tandil Tower is well known to all. Specifically, the twenty-time Slam champion not only wished his colleague a good recovery, but also wanted to dispense some advice for his come back.

Roger said: “I hope Juan MartĂ­n can get back on track soon. The problems he has had are very serious, the injuries are undoubtedly worse than what I have suffered, but when you have reached such a high level you feel that you still have something to offer. I know, it will take a while and what I would tell him is to be intelligent when he chooses the moment to compete again and under what conditions.”

Federer on del Potro

The Swiss underlined, on the basis of his fresh experience, the huge difference between training regularly, and even playing sets and matches during training, and having an official match.

He added: “When you enter the field there is no escape, only there you really see the level you have. In a training session you can adjust your efforts, challenge yourself, feel you are in control and make decisions by listening to your body’s signals. But in an official tournament you can’t do this, because you are seriously competing against an opponent. So you have to think very well about how to return to the Tour,” he concluded.

As stated by the Argentine himself, also known for the unconditional love he has for his country, an extraordinarily important stimulus that is pushing him to recover is the possibility of competing in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games, a very coveted goal among other things. by Roger himself.

Among other things, both missed the gold medal in the past, so the Japanese games could represent a considerable incentive and an additional motivation to return to rejoicing as in the past.