Rafael Nadal’s mental strength: a motivation for everyone

One of the strengths of Rafael Nadal’s tennis is his great mental stability and his strategic approach to the game. Nadal never loses confidence regardless of the score, a perseverance allows him to always stay focused to win every single point: often in this way he can recover from situations of momentary disadvantage.

The Spaniard manages to strategically and meticulously manage all the variables outside the game, such as the playing surface or weather conditions. When he plays on clay, for example, he moves about 2-3 meters behind the goal line, while on grass or concrete he moves much further, hitting right at the line, or even from inside the court.

Furthermore, he is able to adapt to the tactics and the game of those in front of him, finding their weak points and exploiting them to his advantage; the right of him left-handed in the top, for example, also serves to put opponents in difficulty on the backhand side, which is the weak point of many tennis players.ù

For example, in his autobiography of him he stated that against Roger Federer he prefers to constantly insist on his backhand in order to make him harmless from that area of ​​the field, even when he could place a winning shot from the forehand side.

Below is a motivational video that can be a source of inspiration to many young tennis players who approach this sport for the first time, but which can also be applied in everyday life.