‘Rafael Nadal is in the best position to achieve that’ says world no. 1

Daniil Medvedev is spending his 11th week as world no. 1. The Russian returns to action in Los Cabos after skipping Wimbledon, eager to find his A-game during the North American hard-court swing after defending a lot of points there. Daniil is yet to win the title following the last year’s US Open, his first Major crown. He will also remain on the ATP throne next week and match Boris Becker on 12 weeks, but things might get tricky for him on August 15. Medvedev needs the final in Los Cabos or the quarter-final at the Canada Masters to remain world no. 1 ahead of Alexander Zverev. The German is out of the action due to an injury, and the Russian will stay ahead of him if he collects the Los Cabos quarter-final and the third round at the Canada Masters.

That should not be the problem, but Daniil will face the ultimate challenge in the year-end no. 1 battle in the remaining months. Medvedev lost all three ATP finals in 2022, including that epic against Rafael Nadal at the Australian Open. He is currently ranked sixth in the ATP Race, over 3000 points behind Nadal. Daniil understands it will be hard to catch Rafa in the rest of the year, and he mentions the Spaniard as the year-end no. 1 favorite. Medvedev is 1500 points ahead of Nadal on the ATP ranking list. Still, Rafa has no points to defend in the rest of the season after skipping the second part of 2022 due to an injury.

Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal are in the year-end no. 1 contention.

The Russian will try to find his A-game in Los Cabos, Canada and Cincinnati, targeting as many points as possible and hoping to conquer the second US Open crown. Medvedev has to defend 5000 points in the rest of the season, with a massive task in front of him if he wants to secure his first year-end no. 1 honor. 

“I’m watching the No. 1 battle a little bit. It depends at what point you are examining it. Still, unless I try to win every remaining tournament in 2022, Rafael Nadal should finish as the year-end no. 1. On the other hand, I can keep it for a long time if I do everything right during the North American swing. I have to give my best and win as many events and points as possible,” Daniil Medvedev said.