‘Rafael Nadal is a player who has always needed to…’, says top coach

Sergiy Stakhovsky responds to Rafael Nadal. The former Ukrainian tennis player has decided to abandon everything and go to the forefront to fight the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s Russia. From the front, the new soldier has often commented on the positions taken by his colleagues on this situation. In an interview with the newspaper La Stampa, in fact, Stakhovsky had revealed that Djokovic had contacted him to provide him with moral and financial support; while no messages had arrived from Federer and Nadal. On the occasion of the Media Day of the Mutua Madrid Open, Rafael Nadal decided to give his opinion: not on the war itself, but on Wimbledon’s choice to exclude Russian and Belarusian tennis players from the tournament. “It seems very unfair to the players, to my teammates. There is little they can do,” said the Spaniard on the organizers’ decision. “I don’t know what their fault is in what is happening right now with the war. I am very sorry for them and I wish it were not so”. Stakhovsky decided to respond to this word via his Twitter profile. “@RafaelNadal we played together, we played together on the tour. Please tell me if it is right that the Ukrainian players cannot go home? Is it right that Ukrainian children cannot play tennis? If it is right that the Ukrainians are dying?”

Mouratoglou comments on Rafa Nadal

Renowned coach and sports commentator Patrick Mouratoglou was of the opinion that Rafael Nadal’s lack of match practice may hamper his progress at the French Open. “Rafael Nadal did not going to play many games, and it is extremely rare that he arrives at Roland with so few games. So, for Roland-Garros, there is a real unknown for him. Despite his incredible start to the season, he is a player who has always needed to play a lot. He will not reach the top.” The Mallorcan is a record five-time champion at the Madrid Open, having first won the tournament in 2005. Nadal started the year by winning the Melbourne Summer Set and then went on to win his 21st Grand Slam at the Australian Open 2022. He defeated Daniil Medvedev, the world number 2, in an epic five-set match. This was especially impressive because there had been doubts as to whether he could play at the Australian Open or not given his foot injury  and a bout of Covid-19 right before the first Grand Slam of the year.