Rafael Nadal: ‘I usually go to bed late when I see…’

20-time Grand Slam champion Rafael Nadal says he sees no point in training if you don’t have a clear goal of what you want to achieve with him. Nadal, 35, is one of the greatest players in tennis history and insists that he always knows exactly what he wants to improve and is fully committed to it. “For me it is essential to train with the aim of improving something. I face every day with the aim of learning. On a mental level, that helps you a lot to be awake and active. I don’t understand life in any other way. Working and training just to train, without having the goal of being better, does not make any sense, it is boring”, said Nadal, according to Break Point. “As long as you have effort, dedication and humility, you will achieve something: progress ” Being willing to admit your mistakes and being self-critical is a good thing, insists former world No. 1 Nadal. “There is no greater personal satisfaction than coming home knowing that you have met all your goals. Having people by my side who are in a position to tell me things as they see them has been one of the best decisions I have been able to make in my career. You also have to know how to be self-critical and recognize when you make mistakes without looking for any excuse,” Nadal noted.

Rafa Nadal on watching the sport

When asked to elaborate on his temperament in a recent interview, Rafael Nadal asserted that he likes to compete but that he also makes it a point to keep his emotions in check. Nadal further claimed that he has never “behaved like crazy”, and that his philosophy in sport is to never give up. “I like to compete, but I always control myself on the track,” Rafael Nadal said. “I have never lost my nerves or broken a racket. I’ve never behaved like crazy. My philosophy is never to give up in sports. It happens to me the same when I play golf or soccer with my friends.” Nadal claimed that he often ends up spending late nights on his couch watching the sport, before adding that he considers it a “healthy pastime” when compared with going out partying and drinking. “I usually watch golf on television,” Rafael Nadal said. “Sometimes, I sit on the sofa and it gives me the early morning. I usually go to bed late when I see golf, but at least, I can sleep 5 hours. It’s a healthy pastime, rather than going for a drink out there.”