‘Rafael Nadal has to come back from a hiatus and…’, says top analyst

When we talk about Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, we are talking about some of the best athletes in tennis history. The 3 have won 60 Grand Slam titles and together they have broken record after record, achieving incredible numbers in the last twenty years and causing millions of fans to fall in love with the sport. In reality they are not the only ones and throughout history, the world of tennis has lived several times with highly disputed tennis players and others who have made noise not only because of their victories. In the Slam ranking after the Big Three is the American tennis player Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Slams and also considered among the best athletes in this sport.

Corretja speaks about Rafa Nadal

In a recent interview with Joan Solsona of Marca, Corretja presented his views on Rafael Nadal’s injury. Moreover, he is optimistic about Nadal’s future and believes he will win another Grand Slam before retiring. The breaks have hampered his rhythm and flow throughout the year. He was looking good at the beginning of the year and could have won a lot this year. “It makes me unsettled to see how he will be after so many months without competing, but he is optimistic. I know, from his surroundings, that he is eager and that this is not over,” said Alex in an interview with Marca. (Translated via Google Translate) “I understand that you miss the season because you want to find solutions to the problem you have. What worries me is that then he has to come back from a hiatus and is getting older,” said Alex. “When you have been without a player for so many months, other problems come to you or the same ones come back to you as happened to Federer. You lose a lot of competition rhythm and that does worry me,” said Alex. Former World No. 7 Barbara Schett believes Novak Djokovic will go down as the best male player in the history of the sport. The Austrian also reckons Roger Federer will not win another Major, while Rafael Nadal might struggle when he returns in 2022. “I think he will finish as the best in history, Schett was quoted as by the Punto de Break website. “Whether you like him or not, it doesn’t matter. If he wins this tournament, he will be the one with the most Grand Slams. I don’t think Federer will win another one. We would be content to see him play again and with Rafa, things are not getting easy either.”