‘Rafael Nadal has not won everything’, says top coach

Rafael Nadal has become one of the greatest athletes of any era, having transcended the boundaries of his sport. The former world number 1 did not have an easy season, as evidenced by the just seven tournaments played in 2021. Despite having collected a couple of titles (Barcelona and Rome), the Spanish champion missed the appointment with his 14th seal at Roland Garros. A visibly handicapped Rafa due to a foot injury surrendered to Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. Since that time, the 35-year-old from Manacor has no longer been able to find an acceptable form that would allow him to be competitive. Nadal tried a timid return to the hard court in Washington, but it was clear right away that his foot had not healed. The 20-time Grand Slam champion has decided to end his season prematurely and take the time to resolve the problem. In a recent interview, Uncle Toni answered some intriguing questions about his nephew. Four years have passed since the professional collaboration between the two ended.

Uncle Toni reflects on Rafa Nadal

It’s been four years since Rafael Nadal parted ways with his uncle, Toni Nadal professionally. Following this, the 20-time Grand Slam champion is currently being coached by Carlos Mayo and Francisco Roig. In the interview, Uncle Toni was asked, “How can we regain motivation?” To this, Uncle Nadal replied, “I‘ve been asked many times how to motivate a guy who has won everything. First of all, Rafael has not won everything.” Furthermore, Toni Nadal added, “In fact, he has gained absolutely nothing from what is to come. If a guy who is lucky that life has gone well and has challenges ahead of him is not motivated, then he is ungrateful. I believe that one has to be motivated in life.” In a recent interview, Toni Nadal revealed his “obsession” with preparing his nephew for tough times. Toni said he made his nephew train for long hours on courts that were in poor condition and with balls that were in bad shape. “For years I made him train in bad conditions and with balls in bad conditions,” Toni Nadal was quoted as saying by MARCA. “Sometimes I told him that we were going to train for an hour and a half and then would extend the training indefinitely. All my life I had the obsession to prepare Rafa for difficulty. (He had to) learn to strengthen his character,” the 60-year-old added.