Rafael Nadal: ‘Every year there will be four…’

Between the past and the present: this is the analysis of Rafael Nadal in Argentina. Landing in South America for presentations, accompanied by Casper Ruud, the Spanish tennis player spoke about the new generation and modern tennis, also shedding light on his presence in the near future of tennis. “No one is more important than the sport itself. Every year there will be four Grand Slam champions, plus the champions of historic tournaments like the Masters 1000, but it is a reality that we have three players who have done things that were not done in the past. The next generation will have to forge their own path day by day; time will generate other great stars, although we already have new players who have won Grand Slams”, said the Spaniard at the press conference prior to the event on Argentine soil. Another passage was about retirement, which is not close, but not that far either: “I am a fairly realistic person, the moment will come when it has to come, I am ready for my next life outside of tennis, I don’t think it will be a problem for me, beyond the process of adapting to all the changes. I have many important things in my life that make me happy beyond tennis, tennis was just a part of that. I don’t think my end can come in the near future.” Nadal, a player who came to the circuit in the early 2000s, also spoke about modern tennis and some of its shortcomings, such as the lack of variety: “In my opinion, as a show, I would like to see tennis that offers more opportunities, more different styles of play.”

Rafa on the upcoming generation of players 

Rafael Nadal is in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as part of his Latin American exhibition tour with World No. 3 Casper Ruud. “In the past there was Borg, McEnroe, Sampras, Lendl. Today we are and there is no one more important than sport. Every year there will be four Grand Slam champions and multiple historical champions. The next generation will continue to forge their way with the titles. Time will generate stars that are on the way,” he said, as per ESPN Tenis. “Because of the contrast of styles, personalities and affinity, and for sharing so many beautiful things on and off the court, Roger Federer ‘s retirement was saying goodbye to an important part of my life,” he remarked.