PGAI, categories of merit and a Master level

Categories of merit. That is how much and how a PGAI professional is able to leave his mark on his golf business. Skills and merits that the association recognizes by assigning categories of various levels. Master the highest, then Elite and Advanced. A path of professional improvement starting from 2017.

PGAI, Categories of merit

In that year, training credits and categories of merit were introduced to enhance and classify commitment and professional results.

Best of all, for now, they have done only nine (600 are the pro members of PGAI), obtaining the qualification of Master thanks to very different skills. Someone has expressed excellence with just one skill. This is the case of Baldovino Dassù, an absolute level player with two titles on the European tour. Only one skill but that of Alberto Croce is also fundamental, a life dedicated to teaching.

There are those who have had a multifaceted activity, such as Federica Dassù, projected with international titles (personal and those of her students), who also held institutional and club management roles. There are those who work for the growth of national teams. This is the case of technicians such as Roberto Zappa, Massimo Scarpa and Alberto Binaghi (the first two also television commentators, the last two engaged for years on the European tour).

Maria Paola Casati has divided her days between teaching and managing a club. At the helm of the National Golf School (which in Rome trains the masters and other professionals of this sport) was Donato Di Ponziano and since 2012 Filippo Barbè, current president of PGA Italiana “.

PGAI “Professional Golfers’ Association of Italy” aims to bring together golf professionals to protect their moral and material interests, regulate their profession also in relation to registration in a specific register, promote all initiatives that can contribute to knowledge and to the diffusion of the game of golf in Italy, to favor all forms of social security and assistance for the benefit of its members and their families, to coordinate and supervise the activities of golf professionals by preparing the necessary regulations, including disciplinary ones, and making them observed.