PGA, prohibition to play Arab Super League

Hard line of the PGA Tour that denies its members the green light to play the first tournament of the LIV Golf Invitational Series, organized by the Arab Super League and scheduled from 9 to 11 June in London. In a note sent to players by Executive Vice President Tyler Dennis, the PGA Tour explained “that this is the best decision to make in the interest of our organization and its registered golfers”.

Pga, statements

And now the reaction of various players on the green is awaited. From Sergio Garcia to Lee Westwood, from Ian Poulter to Martin Kaymer through Phil Mickelson and Richard Bland. These are just some of the golfers who have applied for clearance to play the events of the Separatist League. However, he has no intention of letting go and indeed, has decided to raise.

Greg Norman, CEO of LIV Golf and former number 1 in the world of greens, has revealed that he has convinced the PIF (sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia) to receive extra funding, amounting to 2 billion dollars, to transform its series of events. in a real league by 2024, when the goal is to move from eight current races to 14.

“The idea is to change the look and the whole presentation of the way golf has been played for the past 53 years,” Norman explained. With tournaments that will be played over a distance of 54 (and not 72) holes.

Yet despite the ‘niet’ of the PGA Tour, Norman is sure that “numerous players will take part in our appointments even without the green light from the top American men’s circuit. Our goal is not to wage a legal battle with PGA Tour and DP. World Tour, we have a different interpretation from theirs. In this era there was a monopoly but our only intention is to offer opportunities and improve the game of golf”.

The Super Golf League (SGL) is a proposed golf league. SGL is owned by LIV Golf, which is financed by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. The early framework for a competing golf tour to rival the PGA Tour became public in the fall of 2019 with the Premier Golf League.