Pga EuroPro Tour, hour of the end has come

The EuroPro Tour has come to its end.

On September 28, just under a month before the Championship that closed the season, played on the course of the Lough Erne Resort in Enniskillen, Daniel Godding, CEO of the Tour, published a statement announcing the end of a twenty-year history.

The PGA EuroPro Tour was for twenty years the main satellite of the European Tour in Great Britain and Ireland, guaranteeing direct access to the Challenge Tour through the Order of Merit.

On the tees and greens of the Tour, very heavy names took their first steps in the world of professional golf.

Charl Schwartzel, Louis Oosthuizen, Robert Rock, Marcus Armitage, Ross Fisher, Nicolas Colsaerts, Tommy Fleetwod and Tyrrel Hatton are just some of those who have entered their name in the EuroPro Tour Hall of Fame.

What is behind this sad (I can’t find a further term) decision?

It is Godding himself who explains it in the communiqué.

PGA EuroPro Tour, statements

“In a rapidly evolving market, the PGA EuroPro Tour has suffered the impact of global changes in investments, media and sponsorships”

“The economic landscape characterized by rising costs and changing habits of the world audience has made it clear that, unfortunately, there is no longer the support or market demand that will allow the EuroPro Tour to continue operating”.

But the now ex-CEO has upped the ante in an interview with Bunkered after the conclusion of the Championship that guaranteed the last 5 cards for the Challenge Tour 2023 (James Allan, Michael Stewart, Dermot McElroy, Jack Davidson and Josh Hilleard, if you want to write down the names).

“I always use the phrase ‘Don’t build castles in the air'”

“If you take away the first three floors of a skyscraper, it will collapse”

“The fact is that in today’s golf, there is a terrible lack of concentration and resource allocation on the part of the top management towards the base”

“It is really necessary to pay attention to the base and make sure that talent can grow”

“In the end, for all Tours, the product is called a player”

“I just hope the big Tours get together and say ‘We need a structure that guarantees development'”

“There is enormous pressure on small Tours to ensure the operation of the entire structure”

Godding also stated that the end of the EuroPro Tour was even harder to digest in light of the huge resources allocated to the top players of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf.

“When you run the EuroPro Tour, do everything you can to get back every single penny or sponsor”

“Then you see someone who collects four million dollars and more for a first place and you think that if you could have even just 10% of that amount that would be a huge thing.”