Perrine Delacour: “For me it is the first time”

Even the slight drop in the standings, from 5th to 13th place, does not affect the morale of the best French representative in Evian this week. Determined to record a “benchmark” result in the major, Perrine Delacour is experimenting with a new kind of pressure and seems to manage to come to terms with it, always with the help of her precious younger brother Fred Bonnargent.

Perrine Delacour, statements

“It was a bit of a difficult day. Already, there was more pressure it is a Saturday. But rather, happy with me playing under on a moving day is a good thing. I found the flags more complicated but it’s often like that on Saturdays when the organizers want to make a difference. I didn’t have many birdie chances today but I managed to make them happen. I made a very nice birdie on 10, a very good chip on 15.

This is the first time this has happened to me. When you see the French supporters cheering at the start, I was a little stressed. I spoke to my youngest about it, he told me that “it’s normal, it will pass” and I took a few holes to relax. I managed to relax with a lot of work on the breath.

I’m really going to keep the same pace. I don’t want to think about taking more risks or less risks. I’m really going to play exactly the same. We’ll see where it takes us tomorrow.

I’ve never been there in major, I’m already at three days very well. Me, it’s really a goal, there for the moment for me personally, it’s already a lot of what I do, it’s already very good and we still have 18 holes. We will see tomorrow”,

Delacour was a member of the French National Team and reached the semi-finals of the 2012 British Ladies Amateur Championship. She was one of four amateurs to earn LPGA Tour status at Final Stage of Q-School in 2012.