Paula Badosa reflects on her journey to top-10

World No. 8 Paula Badosa admitted she has had to sacrifice a lot but she has no regrets as she knows that’s the price she needed to pay in order to be successful.

Badosa, 24, enjoyed a breakout season in 2021 as she captured her maiden Masters title in Indian Wells, debuted at the WTA Finals and broke into the top-10 for the first time in her career. 

“You leave many things behind, yes, but you make up for it with the successes you have, winning tournaments, playing good games, enjoying the day to day. I am lucky that I really like tennis, I enjoy competing and I also enjoy training, being in the world of tennis, the tennis life,” Badosa told Mundo Deportivo.

Badosa extremely committed and dedicate to tennis 

“I take it as part of our life as an athlete. There are days when I haven’t had time to be on the couch for more than half an hour, I haven’t stopped, but it’s my job. In the end it may be ten very intense days, training to the maximum and at the same time having to face other commitments. They are working twenty-four hours, but it is the price when there is success,” Badosa admitted. 

Also, Badosa reflected on her journey to becoming a top-10 player. 

“It’s incredible, it’s a huge difference, they seem like two different sports that have nothing to do with each other. Simply with the treatment you can have or the impact or the facilities. But to me mentally the effort is the same in the top-100 as in the top-10. It is very, very difficult. Maybe it cost me more to get into the top-100 than to get into the 10. Getting into the 100 took me a lot, many more years,” Badosa explained. 

After a strong end to 2021, Badosa made it clear that she would like to win her maiden Grand Slam title at the Australian Open.