Panatta: “Carlos Alcaraz is younger and stronger than Jannik Sinner”

During a Banca Generali-A champion for a friend event in Teramo, Italy, former Italian player Adriano Panatta talked about Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz.

He said: “There is a desire to do. It is important for us to film and take children out to play in parks and squares. Not having Alcaraz between my feet is a good thing for Sinner, but he has to think game by game.

Right now, he has made the courageous choice to change coach, he is trying to change some aspects of his game, so it will take some time. It can happen a day like the one in Madrid where, honestly, he played badly.

It also happened to me and to a lot of players. I think Alcaraz should be a great incentive for Sinner as he is younger than him and stronger. But Jannik is a serious determined guy, who trains seriously. He has yet to mature physically, Alcaraz is already a man.”

Panatta: “Everyone can benefit from Alcaraz’s absence in Rome”

The more than predictable forfeit of Carlos Alcaraz from the Masters 1000 in Rome in the aftermath of yet another winning expedition to the home clay-courts of Madrid undoubtedly represents an advantage for all the players competing in the capital, including Jannik Sinner.

Panatta said: “Everyone can benefit from the fact that Alcaraz has given up, which was predictable given that after two tournaments you win you have to rest otherwise you can’t do it and you risk getting hurt. Right now he is the strongest player in the world.”

Panatta himself recently gave Sinner a great chance to make a good progress at the Internationals: “It’s not like there are all these phenomena. For heaven’s sake, there are the various Zverev, Alcaraz, Tsitsipas, but they are all players that Sinner can beat. Before there were Federer, Nadal and Djokovic at their best, so it was more difficult to even get to the final. Today, in my opinion, there are all the prospects for even someone like Sinner to win.”