Palma de Mallorca, Tiger Woods with his son

The last image of Tiger Woods said a lot. He said goodbye to his most special ‘major’, the 150 British Open at the cathedral, St. Andrews, in tears. Cheered while he toured the 18th hole, after not passing the cut and being very far from fighting due to being punished by injuries. Days later he changes his tune and Tiger Woods has reappeared. In Spain and with one of his great motivations, his son Charlie.

Tiger Woods, Spain

Woods is at the spectacular Son Quint course -located in the Arabella Golf complex in Palma de Mallorca- enjoying golf with his loved ones. Following the line shown after his competitive return at the Augusta Masters. More and more I play, more and more tests of his physical condition. Without letting go. And being, of course, followed wherever he goes.

Son Quint is one of those courses that despite its youth (opened in 2007) unleashes passions for the setting in which it is located. Playing in front of the bay of Palma and from hole 8 seeing the spectacular Cathedral of the city is an incentive for any golfer. Another focus of that ‘golf tourism’ that Tiger Woods has also joined after leaving the British Open not too well. Woods, to date, had only gone to Spain on another occasion. He was in the 1997 Ryder Cup, in Valderrama.

From the club itself they have highlighted that Tiger’s visit was discreet. He did not have great previous warnings and they pointed out that the American always showed great kindness to all the workers despite not signing autographs or taking photos. In the ‘purely’ sports it can be a choice that favors his physical condition. It is not a very steep course, unlike other harder courses in Palma, such as Son Vida or Son Muntaner, two regulars at major international tournaments and more luxurious destinations compared to Son Quint.

Woods doesn’t hide the happiness he gets from playing with his little Charlie. In the always special PNC Championship that they played together, signs were already seen that his son also knows how to play. “He’s never really seen me win,” Tiger said. And that may be one of his motivations.

In the spectacular Spanish stop, at the very least, Woods shows his love for the sport and that he still has something to say despite the fact that his body battered by injuries may say otherwise. They are Quint, one more step in the resurgence of the ‘Tiger’.