Paige Spiranac, most beautiful “hole in one”

It is always the (never enough) relationship between golf and luck that ends up on the blog these days. Today we are talking about a hole-in-one by Paige Spiranac, an event not unique but rare even if not comparable to Guido Migliozzi’s shot on the Old Course on Sunday and to the bettor enriched with the Ryder Cup 2021.

Not all hole-in-ones are created equal. The one made in the past few hours in America is destined to make people talk. It wasn’t just any professional or amateur who posted on the fly. As mentioned, the shot of the day bears the signature of Paige Spiranac, a 28-year-old golf influencer who has come one step away from professionalism. From the top of her 3.2 million followers, Paige is Ferragni in the US online golf world. Each public release of her becomes a media event to be shared or denigrated, depending on the faction on duty. But the singularity of her hole-in-one doesn’t end there.

Paige Spiranac, for a just cause

The ball “she decided” to finish its flight in hole 14 (a par 3 of 135 meters) of the Glen Arbor Golf Club in New York in front of an exceptional spectator, namely Gary Player. For those unfamiliar with him, we suggest a ride on Google: he is a living legend of the sport, an 85-year-old South African who has won everything that could be won.

Player and Spiranac were playing a charity contest to raise funds for the fight against pancreatic cancer. Vivienne, Gary’s wife, died in early 2021.

Given the characters present, the great stroke of luck was immortalized by more than a smartphone and was immediately put on the Net. In the video you can see the incredulous reaction of Paige Spiranac and those present, not the ball ending up in the hole. But, we are sure, for once the conspiracy theorists will stay good.

A new career as a mental coach, alongside some of the best golfers in the world to drag them to success and support them in times of difficulty. This is what Michael Phelps, the most decorated athlete in the history of the Olympics, seems to have undertaken (also in the name of friendship). A great golf enthusiast, many now define him as the “secret weapon” of green totems such as Jon Rahm, number one in the world ranking, and Jordan Spieth, the Texan who, after a long period of crisis, is back in 2021 to amaze.

“He’s a good guy, he’s been through a lot as a sportsman and he’s the greatest Olympian of all time with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. I’m not going to reveal what I asked him but I can say that he has helped me a lot in the last period. “. These are the revelations of the Spaniard Rahm. For the legendary swimmer, nicknamed ‘the Baltimore Shark’, important words also came from Spieth, today 12 / o in the world ranking. “The mental aspect is something I’ve worked on a lot with him lately. I’m really lucky to have him around. Besides, he’s a great lover of golf and having him now more and more in our world is an added value.” This is the opinion of Spieth who yesterday, alongside Phelps, played the Pro-Am of the BMW Championship, the second event of the Play-Offs of the Pga Tour starting today in Owing Mills (USA), Maryland.