Oregon locals on LIV Golf: We refuse to support these abuses

LIV Golf, backed by Saudi Arabia, heads to Oregon, but local officials are against it. In an interview with the AP, Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden revealed why he is against LIV Golf.

“It’s wrong to be silent when Saudi Arabia tries to cleanse blood-stained hands, in the fight for Oregonians to get justice — Fallon Smart was killed very close to our house in Southeast Portland, and the person charged with the crime, a hit-and-run death, was, based on all the evidence, whisked out of the country by the Saudis before he stood for trial,” Wyden said in an interview with AP. 

North Plains Mayor Teri Lenahan and 10 other locals have sent a letter in which they clearly express dissatisfaction with the reason that Saudi Arabia does not respect human rights.

“We oppose this event because it is being sponsored by a repressive government whose human rights abuses are documented. We refuse to support these abuses by complicitly allowing the Saudi-backed organization to play in our backyard,” said a letter.

Wyden and Kevin Palmer on the issue

Wyden thinks that what they are doing is just a cover.

“It’s just a page out of the autocrats’ playbook covering up injustices by misusing athletics in hopes of normalizing their abuses,” he said. 

Kevin Palmer of Beaverton had an interesting statement.

“A lot of members are like stuck between a rock and a hard place right now where politically they don’t agree with it at all,” said member Kevin Palmer of Beaverton. “But I also joined last year and put down like $12,000, and if I leave I don’t get any of that money back.” 

LIV Golf is obviously a competition that the majority of the population in the US is against, but the question is whether it will mean anything, given that a lot of money is at stake.