Ons Jabeur reveals her first crush: “Don’t tell my husband!”

Ons Jabeur confessed for Tennis Channel who was her first-ever crush.

“My first crush was when… I think someone was in high-school with me – blue eyes, blonde. Shh! Don’t tell my husband,” said Ons Jabeur.

Jabeur’s husband is fitness trainer Karim Kamoun.

Jabeur’s husband about Serena Williams

In June, Ons Jabeur’s husband and fitness trainer Karim Kamoun described Serena Williams as “lovely” and added Team Jabeur had a thrill being around the 23-time Grand Slam champion. For her first tournament back in Eastbourne, Williams picked Jabeur to be her doubles partner.

Williams and Jabeur won two matches to reach the Eastbourne semifinal, before an injury forced the Tunisian to pull out of the rest of the tournament. During their time together, Jabeur and her husband invited Williams to Tunisia, and she accepted the invitation.

“Believe me, it was magical. Hanging around Serena’s team was for me like magic,” Kamoun told the Wimbledon website. “Talking with Serena, joking. We invited her to Tunisia. She was so happy, she said, ‘OK I’m coming, I heard that Venus is coming,’ and Ons said, ‘OK, so you come with Venus.’ It was so nice. 

I discovered Serena last week and she’s so, so nice. Her heart, I don’t know how to express, to find the words, but she’s so lovely.”

Moreover, Kamoun was impressed by how the American is striving for perfection even during her practice sessions.

“First of all, I learned how Serena is acting on court. Even in practice she doesn’t want to miss. She’s hitting the ball and every ball is like she’s playing a match, so every ball counts and she’s so focused on each movement.

I was more focused on how she hits the ball, how she accelerates with the hand and I was watching her and at the same time imagining what I can do with Ons, in fitness – my job – how to get similar things to do with Ons like Serena is doing,” Kamoun added.