Olya Sharypova to Alexander Zverev: I’m not afraid of you or your legal team

Alexander Zverev’s ex-girlfriend Olya Sharypova insists that she is not afraid of the German tennis star or his legal team. 

A year ago, Sharypova accused Zverev of domestic violence. 

This week, Sharypova made new accusations against Zverev and provided more details. 

During his pre-tournament press conference at the US Open, Zverev said he went to court and proved that he’s not guilty. 

“I’m not afraid of you, or your family, or your legal team, who apparently made German media to stay quiet about my article, but after your statement they wrote dozens of articles that you won a defamation case against me in court. Why am I not aware we went to court? Don’t your lawyers have my numbers. All your success and money won’t help you to shut me down and you know it. I said the truth and you are going to court to try and win it with a lie? Nice try to scare me, but I have nothing to be afraid of,” Sharypova posted on her Instagram. 

Zverev strongly denies the domestic violence accusations 

Before his pre-tournament interview at the US Open, Zverev released a statement on his social media. 

Zverev strongly denied the allegations made by Sharypova and revealed he took a legal action against the source and the author of article that was published on Slate. 

“I have engaged my German and American lawyers in the matter,” Zverev said a statement posted on his Twitter. 

“They have already obtained a preliminary injunction against the source and the author who published the false allegations. The court followed our arguments and states, the accusations aroused are defamatory and false. The lawyers have therefore initiated further proceedings against the source and the author. 

“I categorically and unequivocally deny having abused Olya. I also fully support the creation of an ATP domestic violence policy. I will not address this matter any further.”