Novak Djokovic’s fans support the Serb under his Hotel

The Novak Djokovic’s issue continues to make a lot of noise. The number one in the world is currently out of the Australian Open due to the Australian Government’s visa refusal and is awaiting his appeal next Monday.

The Balkan champion is currently in solitary confinement in a hotel in Carlton where all the country’s ‘immigrants’ reside and is now awaiting trial. In the last few hours some fans of the Serbian champion have gathered and are carrying out a sort of sit-in in defense of their favorite.

The situation is unfolding and everyone is waiting for updates with a situation bordering on paradoxical and with fans clamoring for the presence of the number one and reigning champion at the Australian Open.

The situation of world no.1 is extremely complex: between severe criticism and support from its fans, what happened has created a strong impact in the world of sport and beyond: on Monday we will know the definitive truth on the matter.